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You don’t need a website to run a food delivery service. In fact, you don’t even need a website to get started with building one. In this article, I’ll show you how to create a food delivery website in less than 30 minutes with the free WordPress software.

If you love ordering take out, online ordering is a great option. However, the process is tedious and time consuming, and can require a lot of research to make sure that you find a reliable service. In this guide, I will show you how to create a food delivery website in less than 30 minutes using a simple WordPress theme.

If you are looking for a solid theme to get your restaurant business online, then this blog post is perfect for you. Although there are many popular themes and plugins for meal delivery, they lack some important features. Some have good sequencing mechanisms but cannot provide a good user interface, or vice versa.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Lafka WordPress theme, which focuses on making it easy to deliver burgers, pizza, and food with WooCommerce.

Lafka View topic: Quick Overview

Developed by AIThemist, Lafka is a highly customizable and powerful theme that offers seamless integration with WooCommerce. With this theme, you can easily create an online store for your restaurant business. In addition to its compatibility with WooCommerce, Lafka has unique features that make SEO and product customization as easy as ABC.

One thing I found interesting is that the theme was developed after consulting with real fast food entrepreneurs to provide a customized solution that meets the real needs of restaurants and online food delivery companies.

Here are some notable features of Lafka:

  • The Combined Products feature allows site owners to increase product sales and offer discounts and other benefits to their customers, while maximizing average order value and profit.
  • Variable product add-ons – You can install free or paid product add-ons, or even allow your customers to customize products according to their needs, for example. For example, make your own hamburger.
  • Instant notifications of new orders so you never miss one.
  • A highly customizable order clock feature that allows you to limit your online food orders to your business hours.
  • The automatic RDA calculator provides your clients with reference values for daily intake based on WHO and FDA recommendations for a 2000 calorie diet.
  • Seven ready-to-use templates for fast food websites.

You can purchase this theme for $59 on ThemeForest.

These are just the most notable features of this theme. If you want to know more about the ins and outs, read on!

Lafka Rating: Characteristics

Lafka is a well developed niche theme for fast food companies looking to expand their online presence and delivery of food services. It has many features to help you manage your online pizza/hamburgers delivery service.

Non-technical data (farm side)

1. Surcharges for variable price products

This is without a doubt one of the most unique features of this theme. Variable pricing allows you to set individual prices for the different parameters of each food order. If you z. For example, if you have a pizza shop, you can price the same toppings (like pepperoni) differently depending on the size of the pizza. The bigger the pizza, the higher the price you can charge for the same toppings.

You can define global addons based on the product category (for example, apply to all pizzas), but it is also possible to exclude certain products and even product-specific addons. Each addition can have a photo (optional), and you can also set restrictions for each group (for example, choose no more than 3 additional toppings for your pizza). You can set up radio group addons for single option selection, checkboxes for multiple option selection, and a text field for additional information (imagine a custom pie with text requests on it).

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As a true entrepreneur, you know the potential of these small opportunities and how to make the most of them to grow your business.

2. Create the functionality of your product

You know you can set variable prices for addons, you probably guessed it. With this theme, your customers can create custom products for their order and select their favorite ingredients as easily as clicking on checkboxes and radio buttons.

For example, if you sell hamburgers, you can let users choose the type of fries, toppings, and even the bun. The lack of this option is the reason why most people still prefer to order by phone or in person. With this feature, you can reduce the manual work on your part and automate everything.

3. Combined products

The ability to increase sales is always a good thing, and with the combination feature, you can offer discounts on bulk products like combo meals, or even create custom products like half and half pizzas with different flavors on each half. For example, if your customer orders a burger, you can offer a side dish like fries and a drink at a discounted price. The best part is that you don’t have to lower the price manually, it works by combining the products you already have in your store. The system does this for you automatically. This feature even allows you to set a minimum, maximum or predetermined number of products in a combined bin to qualify for a discount.

4. Clock for control limitation

Since not all restaurants are open 24/7, you need a system that takes and stops orders at specific times. In the Lafka theme, you can easily set order times, and customers can only place orders during these times. In addition, they can view the restaurant’s products and menu outside of opening hours to avoid distracting the public. You can set a different time for each day of the week by just hovering over the calendar, and you can also set public holidays, national holidays, etc.

5. Notifications of new orders

To ensure that no order goes unnoticed, the theme is equipped with a push notification feature that kicks in when someone places a new order. Whether on your computer or Android phone, you’ll always get a notification with a beep.

So much for business features. Let’s look at the technical aspects of this issue.

Apart from the additional WooCommerce features available in Lafka, for those who don’t need the online ordering functionality, the theme offers a special custom menu post type where you can display the menu items in different ways (with or without image, with a separate page for an item or a static list, sortable lists, etc).

Technical data (non-commercial page)

1. Hydraulic power

No matter what device the user is visiting the website from, this theme works seamlessly. I created a test environment and played with the theme to test its capabilities, but the theme did not break at any point.

2. Light and fast theme

While I haven’t had a chance to customize some of the menu options yet, my experience with the theme so far has been decent. The site loaded quickly and even had an excellent rating on GTmetrix. So you can count on this theme to provide a smooth shopping experience for your customers, instead of forcing them to reload the page 10 times to order the same product.

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3. Well documented

When you install the theme, a customization process is available to add the products you want to display on your website. In addition, if you encounter difficulties and want to solve the problem quickly, you can consult the documentation in the section. The topic is well researched and covers just about every question you can think of about topic management.

4. 7 ready-to-use models

With Lafka, you can choose from 7 different professionally designed templates for your restaurant website. All designs are fully responsive and have the advanced features we discussed earlier. You can easily switch between themes, and if you want to import a demo, you can do so with one click from the theme options in the admin panel. Here are 7 models:

  • Fast food chain
  • Hamburger barn
  • Pizzeria
  • Food Truck
  • Bakery
  • Mediterranean Tavern
  • Sushi Bar

5. Formatting of multiple products

With this theme you can display your products in different ways. You can choose between standard lists of 2 to 6 columns or activate the List View option, which allows you to display the products like a standard restaurant menu. The same list view option is even built into the standard WooCommerce shortcodes, so you’re not limited to product archive pages. You can also present your products in 3 different gallery templates: Images list, WooCommerce default gallery and mosaic gallery. More so, you can set a default gallery type and override it for each product, so that each product is presented according to its unique characteristics.

6. Extensive theme panel with options, so you can customize it to your taste

While it’s always good to have ready-made templates to get started quickly, it’s also worth mentioning the theme’s many customization options. With over 1,000 customization options, you can easily personalize your brand identity by changing any color, background or font. As a modern WordPress theme, it also gives you the ability to create unlimited sidebars, AJAX product filters, AJAX search suggestions, off-canvas sidebars, mega menus and so on. Most parameters can be set globally, but you can also override them for each page, article, or even product category and attribute archive.

7. Reliable Assistance Team

Support for this topic is provided by AIThemist. When I look at their support streams, I can easily see how dedicated they are to every problem that comes their way. So you can count on them if you ever get stuck with Lafka.

7. Ready for Gutenberg

The fact that this theme comes with full integration with the Gutenberg builder suggests that it will be updated regularly. You can create custom pages with custom blocks and improve the look and feel of your website.

Other features:

  • Ability to display information about food and allergens to help people.

  • The theme has a solid foundation that makes it lightning fast and fluid.
  • Easy to install on any WordPress installation and works seamlessly with WooCommerce and other popular plugins.
  • It can serve local markets since it is 100% WPML ready.
  • It comes with the popular page builder plugins WPbakery and Slider Revolution, giving you even more customization options.
  • Off-canvas options : You have an off-canvas sidebar, a shopping cart and a search function to help you make the most of your homepage space.
  • The Quick Product View feature allows your customers to take a quick look at a menu item before opening it. Your customers can also order specific product options directly from the listings without having to open a separate product page.
  • Lafka has a very interesting Deals feature that allows you to launch promotional offers with countdowns.

  • SEO optimized design that helps you rank better in Google and other search engines.
  • The theme has advanced features like AJAX search suggestions and a built-in price filter that makes it easy to find menu items.

Prices and plans

As for the price, you can buy the theme for $59. For this price you get six months of access to all features, functionality, future updates and support.

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Lafka Subject: Is it worth it?

Running an online catering business with WordPress is not easy. To simplify the technical side of things, you need a reliable theme that takes care of everything, while allowing you to focus your energy on getting things done.

In my opinion, Lafka is a solid and robust WordPress theme that can easily support your restaurant business. I highly recommend this topic. You can leave the heavy lifting out of this and focus on building your brand yourself.

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On top of that, you get built-in features that cost over $400, and for some there aren’t even alternatives (free or premium). No third party plugins required, no hidden costs. Everything you see is part of the functionality of the theme.

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How about the Lafka WordPress theme for restaurant or grocery store? Are you ready to take your pizza/hamburger/food delivery business to the next level with this theme? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a food delivery website?

You need to create a website that allows users to order food online.

How do I start a small food delivery business?

You can start a small food delivery business by offering a service to your local community.

Is Swiggy 30 minutes or free?

Swiggy is free for orders under Rs. 300.

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