Fix OneNote Error 0xE0000007 Notebook Syncing Problem

OneNote error 0xE0000007 Notebook Syncing Problem is caused by an error in cause. The error code is E0000007 and it is caused by Error 0xE0000007 Notebook Syncing Problem. Generally, the error occurs if the Notebook Sync service is not running on your PC. If you are not able to sync all the data including notes, documents, etc. on your OneNote notebook, then you can follow the instructions given below to fix the same.

OneNote is Microsoft’s note taking app that they’ve been selling since 2007. It can be used to keep notes on practically anything, whether you’re working on a book, recording your thoughts, meeting notes, or jotting down grocery lists. It’s a great app for note-taking, and hopefully you’ve found it useful as well. If you’ve been using OneNote on a computer, you may be familiar with the 0xE0000007 error message that can crop up from time to time. This doesn’t impact OneNote for Windows, so you can ignore this error message as long as you’re using OneNote for Mac.

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From shopping lists to weekly chores, we always have a lot on our minds. Microsoft OneNote, a simple and easy-to-use digital notepad, then comes to the rescue. Using the OneNote app, you can make additions to your list directly from your smartphone and sync them with your family or even other devices.

However, there is a problem that bothers some users. This is a OneNote sync problem error 0xE00007. If you encounter error code 0xE00007, it means that you cannot sync the changes you made to your notes using the OneNote app on your Windows 10 or macOS computer. An error message is also displayed: We have identified a sync problem with your laptop. (Error Code: 0xE00007) alt=Fix-OneNote-app-sync-issue-We-ran-into-a-problem-syncing-your-notebook-Error-code-0xE00007 width=528 height=153 data-ezsrc00 />

Most users encounter error code 0xE00007 when syncing OneNote with an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or MacBook and PC. Fortunately, there are workarounds that can be used to resolve synchronization issues. We will examine them below.

Recovered OneNote application error 0xE00007 A problem occurred while synchronizing your laptop

If you’re having trouble syncing notebooks from OneNote, the first thing you should do is save the changes you’ve made to your notebooks. While you are looking for solutions to the problem, it is best to have a backup solution in case something goes wrong.

You can now try closing OneNote and logging back in to see if your notebooks are synchronized. If not, follow the solutions below.

Solution 1 – Force the OneNote application to synchronize

alt=Force-Sync-your-OneNote-App-on-Mac width=387 height=394 data-ez= data-ezsrc= />Screenshot: Windows Shipping

If the OneNote application doesn’t sync your notebook, you can try to resync it manually.

  • To force the synchronization of notebooks on your iPhone or iPad, drag down the list of current notebooks. To sync all laptops, drag the list of laptops down.
  • To force notebook synchronization on your Mac, click Show Notebooks.
  • Find the notebook you want to synchronize.
  • Hold down the Control key while clicking on the notepad.
  • Select Sync this laptop.

Solution #2 – Update the OneNote application

According to Microsoft, the synchronization issue has been fixed with the update to version 2.2 build (17061301). If you have an older or earlier version of Microsoft OneNote, you can install the latest version.

  • Launch the Apple App Store or Microsoft Store.
  • Choose Updates.
  • Search for OneNote and see if there are any updates available.
  • Install the updates.

alt=How-To-Update-Your-One-Note-App-on-Mac-or-Windows-10-PC width=580 height=400 data-ez= data-ezsrc= />

Solution #3 – Using OneNote for the Web

  • Go to
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account. Make sure it is the same account you are using in OneNote.
  • Now find the notebooks you want to sync and check that your changes have been successfully synced.

Solution 4 – Copy changes from OneNote to another notebook

You can try to copy changes on the laptop that are not synchronized. Then open a new notebook and paste the data into it. Now go to OneNote for the Web and see if you can transfer the changes from the new notebook to the current, broken notebook. Try syncing if it works.

Solution #5 – Close the current OneNote notebook and reopen it

Before proceeding with this solution, make sure you have a backup on your laptop as mentioned above.

  • Select the Show Laptops icon.
  • Find the notebook you want to synchronize.
  • Hold down the Control key while clicking on the notepad.
  • Select Close this laptop.
  • Now try to open it again.

Do you have another solution that could work and help other users solve this synchronization problem in the OneNote application? You can share it in the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix OneNote sync error?

If you are having sync errors, you need to make sure that your OneNote files are not in a read-only location.

Why can’t I sync my OneNote?

OneNote is not currently supported on iOS devices. OneNote is not currently supported on iOS devices.

How do I fix unmerged changes in OneNote?

When you merge changes in OneNote, OneNote automatically removes the unmerged changes. If you want to manually remove the unmerged changes, you can delete the folder in OneDrive for Business that contains the changes.

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