How To Edit Video In Vimeo In 2022 – Quick And Simple Guide

How To Edit Video In Vimeo

How to edit video in Vimeo? This question is answered here in this guide.

Do you love watching videos? If you are one of them then this post is for you. Vimeo is the best platform for creating and sharing videos. You can upload any type of video on this platform.

If you are looking for a way to edit your video then you can use the Vimeo editor. This is the best option for editing your videos as it provides all the features that you need. Let’s see how you can edit your videos on Vimeo.

Steps To Edit Your Video On Vimeo

Create A New Video On Vimeo

The first step is to create a new video. Just click on the “New” button and then select the “Video” option. Now, give a title to your video and then drag and drop your video file from your computer or smartphone.

Add Effects To Your Video

If you want to make your video more interesting then you can apply some effects to your video. To do this, click on the “Effects” tab. There you will find different options like a blur, sepia, lighten, darken, contrast, etc. You can also change the background of your video. Click on the “Background” tab and choose any image from the library.

Adjust The brightness And Color

You can easily adjust the brightness and color of your video. To do this, just click on the “Brightness & Contrast” tab. Then you will see a slider where you can change the brightness. Similarly, there is a slider to change the color of your video.

Add Music

You can add music to your video. You can do this by clicking on the “Music” tab and then dragging and dropping your audio file. After that, you can preview the changes in your video by clicking on the “Preview” button.

Save Your Video

To save your video, click on the “Share” tab and then click on the “Save to” option. Now, select the “Vimeo” option and then click on the “Save” button.

Cut Vimeo Videos on Computer

If you are using a Mac or Windows PC to handle your Vimeo videos, we highly recommend you to use Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac) to cut Vimeo videos. The easiest video editing software allows you to edit, trim, crop, rotation, combine, split and cut videos. It has an intuitive interface and useful tools to help you with any changes to your videos. You can use the free effects, elements, ts, and audio tracks to make your video.

Why Choose This Vimeo Video Cutter

If you want to edit videos with powerful editing tools, it’s best to start with video editing beginners. 

You can change the look of a video from a phone, camera, or another device. It allows you to change the look of any video, audio, or photo. Adding titles, filters, transitions, and other effects to your video is better than not adding them. You can either export the video to a specified format or use the uploaded video to your liking.

Step 1. Install and Launch Filmora Video Editor

Once you have downloaded the Vimeo video cuter on your computer, you can install the program with the step-by-step on-screen guide. The program should be directly launched. You will be able to use several editing modes at the main interface.

Step 2. Import Vimeo Videos to the Program

The “FULL FEATURE MODE” can be found in the main interface. You will be able to open the video editing window. 

To import your Vimeo video to the program, click on the “Import Media Files Here” button and select your local Vimeo video. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the Vimeo video from your local hard drive into the media library window.

Trim and Cut Vimeo Videos Easily

To start the Vimeo cut video, drag and drop the video into the timelines. You can cut any part of the video by moving the pointer on the video backward and forwards. If you want to cut a section of Vimeo video, you can click on the video in the timeline, use your mouse to select the part of the video you want to cut, and then click the “Delete” option to do so.

Export the Video to Vimeo Directly

You can export the video from Vimeo to other websites after you’ve finished it. The output format window can be opened by clicking on the “Export” button. Clicking on the “Vimeo” icon will allow you to set up the output for the site. 

If you want to use Vimeo, you need to sign up. You can change the video specifications, such as title, description, quality, tags, and more. If you click on the “Export” button, the video will be uploaded to Vimeo.

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You can use the basic editing tools in Vimeo, but you can also use the more advanced features like “trim”, “duplicate”, and “overlay” to create a more polished result. The Vimeo tutorial shows you how to trim, duplicate, and overlay the video and explains what each of these functions does.

We hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know how to edit video in Vimeo, thanks for reading!

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