How to Install Red Lite Build on Kodi 17 Krypton

Red Lite Build was the latest build from the popular Kodi add-on Red Eye, after the infamous Red Eye Update crashed and burned. It features a lot of new features, like multiple sections in the home screen, better support for Kodi’s Home Theater (HTPC) mode, and the ability to avoid buffering in Kodi.

Red Lite Build is a new addon that was recently released for Kodi 17 and is based on the famous Red Repo. This addon is a hybrid of both the Exodus and Covenant Repositories. This unique addon incorporates some features from both of these sources. It also makes it possible to install other third party addons. The name is Red Lite Build because it is a fork of the original Red Repo.

If you’re looking for a really small Kodi build, I think this is the build for you. The size of the Red Lite version is only 97 MB. Because of the small size of this build, you can run and use it on almost any type of device that has Kodi installed. For example, you can seamlessly install and use on PC, Mac, iOS, Android Box, FireSticks, etc. The custom interface and background themes and images in this version will make you want to look at this alone.

If you want to add the Red Lite version to any version of Kodi 17 Krypton, just follow the step-by-step guide to download and install it in a few moments. You can use this guide to install Red Lite on any device including PC, Mac, Android Box, Blackberry, iOS, Amazon FireTV Stick, etc.

How do I install Red Lite Kodi Build on Kodi 17 Krypton

  1. On the home screen, go to Settings
  2. Click on File Management and then on Add a Source
  3. Choose No
  4. Enter in the top field: and name the grind.
  5. Now choose Extras from the main menu.
  6. In the left menu, select Browser Add-ons.
  7. Select Install from zip file
  8. Selecting loops
  9. Select
  10. Pending notification
  11. Now choose Install from repository.
  12. Pick the Cosmic Grindhouse safe.
  13. Now click on Software Add-ons
  14. Choose GrindhouseKodi Master
  15. Select Install
  16. Pending notification
  17. Click on Next
  18. Select the Build menu
  19. Click GrindhouseKodi Master
  20. Now choose Fresh installation or Standard installation.
  21. Continue to
  22. The build has been downloaded and installed
  23. Now select Forced Close.
  24. Reboot Kodi, and the Red Lite version is there.

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