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Inventory Management for WOOCOMMERCE |*This is a blog about inventory management. It’s a topic that is often overlooked or ignored. Inventory is an important part of the supply chain. It’s about getting the right product to the right place at the right time. It’s about managing the risk of supply. It’s about controlling inventory levels. Inventory control is a critical component of supply chain management.

This morning I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with WooCommerce Inventory management plugin for WordPress, to keep track of the inventory I need to order for my WooCommerce shop, and I’ve been having a lot of fun learning more about WooCommerce, actually, I’ve been playing with it for a while now.

If you sell a lot of stuff on eBay, you’ve no doubt come across the dreaded I-got-Caught-with-my-pants-around-my- ankles moment. I’m sure you’ve also read tips and tricks about how to avoid that. But, have you ever thought about what happens post-disorder? Do you have the best system in place to manage what you’ve got left? Or do you leave it all to the mercy of the eBay Gods?

Warehouse management for WOCOMMERCE | Warehouse management for WOCOMMERCE word-image-1578 word-image-4224 Woocommerce is an online platform that allows you to sell your business online. It represents more than 28% of all online trade. Let’s see what it is and how it works.

What exactly is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that helps manufacturers start their business online. It is free and open to all sources. It helps manufacturers customize their website and sell their products. This allows you to sell not only products, but also online services, software and much more. This solution is best suited for manufacturers who offer other services in addition to their products. This electronic commerce will make it easier for you to do business. You can add a limited number of photos without any restrictions. So you can accept payment in the way that suits you best – online cash on delivery. This plugin is also an excellent platform for international trade. You will be amazed by this feature as it also automatically calculates the taxes at the time of purchase by the customer.

How inventory management works in WooCommerce

You can get a WooCommerce style inventory feature in the product inventory settings by enabling inventory control. You can only manage your stock and inventory if you enable this feature, otherwise you can’t work with it properly, you can only see the stock status and nothing else. If you do not use this feature, you will not get the most out of this platform. One of the challenges for small manufacturers is that this inventory can only include finished goods, but manufacturers must also include raw materials. So manufacturers face a problem when they use this system.


As you have already been told, the warehouse management system is designed for finished goods and is very easy to use.

  • First you need to install WooCommerce on WordPress, then you can start managing the inventory.
  • You need to divide your product into 4 categories, namely: 1. Easy 2. Grouping 3. External/Coupled and 4. Variable.
  • The two products of these four, which are mainly used in the processing industry, are the single product and the variable product.
  • Then you define checkpoints that allow the plugin to send you notifications when stock runs out.
  • If you want to address WooCommerce, the product level can be set at this point.
  • In the Condition column, select Customize Conditions and set the color that is used most often.

Benefits of using WooCommerce Inventory Management

  1. Free and Open Source As mentioned earlier, this is free and open source code that can be used to run a business or production or to offer any digital service or service online.
  2. Flexibility There is no limit to the number of products that can be sold. It is also possible to customize the unit according to the seller’s wishes. Products can be customized by price, discount, color, etc.
  3. Professional appearance Gives the website a professional and formal appearance and organizes the functions appropriately.
  4. Safety Your customers need to shop safely. With this plugin, you will gain the trust of your customers because it is very secure and provides a safe environment for customers to shop online.
  5. Statistics and Analytics Helps users track statistics and analyze their website by displaying data on orders, sales, visits and many other statistics.
  6. User-friendly It is user-friendly because users can use WooCommerce easily, without hassle and inconsistency.
  7. Ease of payment Any payment method can be used for online purchases on the website, and even cash on delivery payment is possible.

Disadvantages of using WooCommerce Inventory Management

  1. Some features are paying It is supposed to be free, but some features require payment, such as. B. Themes, security, domain. You can get WooCommerce for free, but running a website is not free as it can cost you around $1,000 per year.
  2. Does not support basic products This plugin is good for finished products, but manufacturers must install a third-party application to sell basic products.
  3. Inability to manage large databases Once your site starts to flourish, tracking becomes difficult because only finished products are tracked and raw data is not displayed.
  4. Upgrading products one at a time If you want to upgrade some features of most products, you cannot do so. Instead, update the specifications of each product.
  5. Time Required If your manufacturing business is complex, then working with WooCommerce will take you a lot of time because it is designed for small businesses and not complex businesses.

Whatever the pros and cons of WooCommerce Inventory Management are, it has helped many people grow their online business and if you want to use it, get to know it well first and then you are ready to go. Follow us on social media Copyright © 2019. All rights reserved | Design by : SeoczarTo be honest, I feel like a lot of entrepreneurs don’t think about their inventory at all. They think about their products, their pricing, and their customer service, but they don’t think about how their inventory affects the bottom line.. Read more about woocommerce product management plugin and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does WooCommerce have inventory management?

As the name suggests, WooCommerce is the most popular open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It has a plugin for inventory management, which is useful for many, including those who sell real or virtual goods. I’m a WOOCOMMERCE customer and I have a problem: I need to know the inventory and cost for my shop, but I don’t have the means to track my inventory manually. So I started looking for inventory management software, but there’s not a single one that can handle WooCommerce. I figured there has to be an inventory management solution that works well with WooCommerce. I tried a couple of programs, but found none that worked well with WooCommerce.

How do I manage stocks in WooCommerce?

Have you ever tried to manage inventory in WooCommerce? It can be challenging. The WooCommerce plugin allows you to create an online store that has a virtual stock of products. When a product is purchased, it is added to your WooCommerce inventory. You can then send it to customers, sell at a price that you decide, and then use your WooCommerce inventory to keep track of the inventory you have remaining. WooCommerce is a very popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It has a lot of features that can make you a more successful e-commerce owner, but it also has a ton of features that can make it very difficult to manage your inventory. If you’re interested in learning more about WooCommerce, check out this tutorial or this video.

Which plugins or apps you will suggest for inventory synchronization and management with the e commerce platform?

There is a growing trend in retail, e-commerce as well as other industries where inventory levels has to be tracked to ensure consistency in operations. The inefficiency of manual process is high, resulting in miscalculation and a huge impact on the operations. The solution is to replace manual tasks with automated processes that can handle the work without error. There’s no doubt that inventory management is a key component for small businesses and startups. But for those who are new to the e-commerce platform, there are a lot of questions on how to organize inventory and make it easily available for users.

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