MMO Business Roundup: EA’s executive compensation, Facebook’s Oculus shenanigans, KRAFTON’s IPO

EA’s Chaim Edri has been named the highest paid CEO in the world for 2017, with $84.85 million, while Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg took the title of highest paid CEO in history, with a whopping $1.5 billion. Now the CEO of Krafton, Jason Calacanis, has gone public with the highest paid CEO in history. He’s made $36 million since he officially launched the company in January of this year.

The Electronic Arts (EA) CEO John Riccitiello recently stepped down from his position after the company released its financial results for the past quarter. EA’s stock price dropped to a decade low and its executives took a hit, as their base salaries were reduced by 10 percent in the wake of the company’s financial difficulties. Riccitiello was the first major executive of a major video game publisher or developer to step down in the face of financial trouble.

MMOs have come a long way since their debut in 1999. At first, the genre was a niche, hardcore niche, with only a few titles catered to a small group of customers. However, over time, MMOs have become more mainstream, with titles starring well-known media franchises and franchises from major companies like Blizzard, Funcom and Microsoft.

Welcome to a new round of MMO news and MMO-related topics!

Electronic Arts is still awful Remember when EA shareholders overwhelmingly voted against the compensation plan in 2020? The company responded with a new compensation plan that cuts the salaries of some executives, but not that of CEO Andrew Wilson, who will earn nearly $40 million this year, nearly double what he earned last year. That’s why you can’t get the good stuff. EA shareholders – who backed the surplus by just 26% last year – will vote on the proposal in August. Good luck with that.

Facebook is also still awful Facebook announced this week that it was testing ads on its VR devices based on user data – basically exactly what everyone was talking about when it started forcing Oculus customers to use Facebook accounts. It intended to partner with Resolution Games and their shooter Blaston, but after receiving a response, Resolution Games withdrew Blaston from testing and offered another free-to-play game instead.

MY.GAMES and mental health MY.GAMES has announced a partnership with mental health charity Safe In Our World. MY.GAMES has pledged to help the charity achieve its long-term goal of removing the stigma around mental health, making it a natural topic of conversation and encouraging dialogue about mental health so that people are not afraid to ask for help when they need it.

Tencent owns all: Tencent has acquired a majority stake in German studio YAGER, which, as our readers will recall, is behind PvPvE shooter The Cycle. Tencent says YAGER will maintain its independence and structure.

Battlefield 4 in the making The 2021 E3 wasn’t a total flop because of one game. Battlefield 4 apparently has such a large influx of players due to the release of Battlefield 2042 , that the game is getting increased server capacity to handle the new queues.


CRAFTON – Foreign and Rich Finally, there’s KRAFTON, whose founder, Jang Byung-kyu, will reportedly be worth nearly $3.5 billion through an IPO planned for July. That’s largely thanks to PUBG, which just released a new promotional episode of Mysteries Unknown, an original documentary featuring Star Trek’s Jonathan Frakes.

ViewEA is Hitting Wall Street with a Bang as it Apparently Plans to Pay a $100 Million Bonus for Successfully Hitting 150 Million Active Users. EA said it would pay the bonuses to the CEO and COO. The company is also paying $100 million of the $300 million it raised this week on Wall Street, according to the Wall Street Journal. EA’s stock price rose more than 17% to $120.71 per share in after-hours trading. Over the years, the games company has become known for paying big bonuses to executives. It has paid more than $2 billion in executive bonuses over the last five years.. Read more about krafton and let us know what you think.

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