New World ‘won’t consider selling anything other than cosmetic items until 2022 at the earliest’

New World, the largest continent in Elder Tales, has announced it will not consider selling anything other than cosmetic items until 2022 at the earliest. The announcement comes after the controversial “Moral Code Reform Kickback” introduced by the reformist faction, which is pushing for a ban on the sale of any items other than cosmetic items, and the New World government’s response to implement the ban. In a statement released by the New World government, the New World stated that existing parallel market trading would be banned as of a certain date, and that the ban on in-game trading would be lifted at a later date.

The New World has been a controversial subject in the MMORPG world since it was first announced. Previous rumors suggested the game would be a free-to-play, aging based MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. The developers have since confirmed that this is indeed the case, however, the game will only feature cosmetic items for sale with the upcoming Closed Beta set for a January release.

word-image-10891 Amazon’s New World game was the subject of much discussion this month when leaks revealed what the cash shop was like in the alpha version of the game – including the fact that it offered boosters. Although Amazon was quick to point out that this is just a test and that all items in the online store will be cosmetic at launch, launch share was very high, and the studio later clarified that it might add things like experience boosters as microtransactions after launch. Today, the company released information about the Cash Store, which is currently being tested under a non-disclosure agreement. Amazon’s developer blog reminds us what to expect during launch and beyond. The Starter Store offers themed outfits, skins, decorations, pets, coloring, emotes, and guild sigils. We won’t consider selling anything other than cosmetic items until 2022 at the earliest, the studio said. (The game is currently scheduled for release in August 2021, a few months away). The goal, according to Amazon, is to avoid having to pay to win – not to give players an advantage in PvE or PvP games. The store allows for the purchase of in-game cosmetic items, with the exception of the Deluxe Edition and pre-order bonuses. We’ve already received a lot of feedback, and we feel it’s important to make the store visible now so players can experience and test it firsthand. Items offered in the store during the alpha phase are purely cosmetic and offer no in-game benefits. As the game evolves, we may add new categories of items to the store based on requests from our players. We can make mistakes, so we test and communicate with our community to get feedback. The alpha test of the shop will include a sample of skin, emotes and dyes (these are not the items we will sell in real life, but they will give you an idea of the type and flavor). Remarkably, Amazon promises in-game options with the same aesthetic quality as the store items, which is not the case for all MMOs with cosmetic stores. However, after launch – 2022 or later, they say – the developers will consider item ideas with mechanics such as rested XP that can be earned both in the store and in-game, giving new players a quick way to catch up in the endgame without creating a pay-to-win environment. According to Amazon, if the company goes this route, everything it adds will also be obtainable through game-specific methods. View

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