World of Tanks adjusts HE shells and SPG mechanics, War Thunder adds new vehicles and better nuclear blasts

World of Tanks developer Wargaming has announced that it is adjusting HE shells and SPG mechanics in the game. In a recent update, Wargaming revealed that in order to balance the game’s tank combat, the HE shells for SPGs and artillery will be adjusted and made more powerful in order to address the current balance issues. Also, the developers have added the following anti-armored vehicles: KV-1S, KV-1, and T-34-3 to the game. The developers have also introduced a new nuclear bomb for players to test their skills with.

Beginning today, World of Tanks is introducing a new type of shell: the High Explosive shell. If you are familiar with the Regular shell, it is a shell that is propelled by the same gun the tank is using. The HE shell is propelled by an HEAT-style gun, which is a more powerful gun than a normal HE shell. Furthermore, the HE shell is now capable of detonating the surrounding terrain, dealing additional damage.  Another feature added with the update is the ability to shoot nuclear warheads on SPGs, which will be demonstrated in the upcoming War Thunder update .

The Wargaming team is always attempting to improve the game for everyone and are always experimenting with new features. When it comes to tanks, they have been experimenting with the HE shell and SPG mechanics, as well as adding new vehicles and improving the nuclear blasts.

We have the following set of updates for various multiplayer games in the military car combat genre to cover. Specifically, World of Tanks and War Thunder will have changes, updates or new content to make it even better to shoot at each other with heavy weapons.

In World of Tanks, Update 1.13 is dedicated to changing several key gameplay mechanics. Players now have three SPG countermeasures at their disposal in the form of the Sound Detection Commander skill, which warns those in the danger zone of approaching artillery shells with a special indicator, brighter shell tracks to indicate where SPG fire is coming from, and visible distance markers for 10 seconds to indicate tanks where SPG fire is coming from. For those using SPG, the updates come in the form of three new projectile types, an updated ammo UI, and a change to the Intuition perk that allows for faster projectile changes for all vehicle types.

The update has also changed the way explosive grenades work: they now do damage at the point of impact instead of in the projectile’s demolition zone. HE grenades can now pierce the shields, tracks and wheels of wheeled vehicles and destroy objects such as fences. Finally, the game includes a new Battle Pass and a new Recon Mission mode that allows players to test maps in the final stages of development.

As for the War ThunderRed Skies update, it has added grade VII aircraft to the game, as well as new equipment in the form of a Soviet MiG-23M, a Chinese J-7E fighter, a Soviet Yak-28B tactical bomber, a Russian T-80BVM tank, a German Marder A1 APC, a French-Finnish ITO 90M SAM, and an Italian Dante Alighieri battleship. In addition to the new toys, the update also improved the visual effects of the nuclear explosions that became available with the new power update. Because if you manage to score the points needed to detonate a nuclear bomb, that detonation must be terribly catastrophic.



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ViewThe most recent patches for both World of Tanks and War Thunder have fixed a long-standing issue with HE shells, the main artillery for tanks and SPGs. In both games, HE shells have a huge blast radius, but their damage is curiously lower than its smaller-caliber counterparts. For example, a shell with 300mm of bore diameter will do about twice the damage of a 150mm shell, but will have a much smaller blast radius of about 100 meters. On top of that, HE shells tend to have a longer range than their smaller counterparts, which is particularly noticeable with SPGs.. Read more about wot asia battle pass and let us know what you think.

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